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Digital in dentistry

When we talk about digital in dentistry, in reality we are not dealing with a completely new issue. Indeed, already in the mid-eighties these technologies were introduced into the practice of dentistry, but in the last decade their use has increased exponentially. The modern techniques have changed the flow and sequence of work for the … Continue reading Digital in dentistry

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More than dentistry

When we talk about innovation in the field of dentistry, our mind leads us straight to think about the epoch-making change that the sector is experiencing thanks to the digitalization of processes, from diagnosis to therapy (Editor’s note). There is another important element whose implications are perhaps even more determined for the patient: the innovation … Continue reading More than dentistry

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Patient or Customer?

Patient or costumer? …simply two sides of the same coin! Let’s analyse the two words that make up the dichotomy. Patient means “person affected by a disease, and more generally, who is entrusted to the care of a doctor or a surgeon”, while customer in current use is “who usually uses the services of someone … Continue reading Patient or Customer?

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Ignore, suffer or manage? How to respond to the digital revolution

The insert “Health” of Corriere della Sera dedicates an entire page to digital oral surgery focusing on words such as speed, safety, predictability. The speeches that appear in the Special Health dedicated to the dental are by illustrious dentists who explain the technologies applied to their profession and that of their employees and colleagues. Here … Continue reading Ignore, suffer or manage? How to respond to the digital revolution

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