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ConEx Connection

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ConEx connection of Matrix implant system has been designed to offer a “entirely optimised and interconnected production”. The coupling system is developed to make the entire system even more simple and ergonomic and to create a single body between implant and abutment. The conometric ConEx connection allows to maximise the potential of coupling system thanks to a high precision level of manufacturing. All prosthetic abutments have an internal thread at the level of the taper. The close coupling between the implant and the abutment needs the use of an extractor. By tightened the extractor using the handling, a force from the lower to the upper part of non-threaded part of the extractor that permit the removal. The activation screw acts only as activation element in conometric coupling. The internal cone at 5° and a depth of 1.7mm provide optimal stability of prosthetic abutments. The ConEx connection guarantees an optimal management of soft tissues in peri-implant area at crestal level.
  • Internal Morse taper 1.7 mm dept, conicity 5°
  • 1.8 mm activation screw
  • 2.3 mm anti-rotational hexagon
  • Optimal stability of prosthetic abutments

MaTrix implants with ConEx connection

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