The ConEx connection of the Matrix implant line is designed to offer a
"fully automated and interconnected production."

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The innovation behind the ConEx™ connection

At the heart of our quest for innovation, we developed the ConEx™ tapered connection: an internal cone with an angle of only 5° and a depth of 1.7 mm that provides optimal stability for prosthetic abutments. The anti-rotational component is ensured thanks to the 2.3-mm hexagon present on all MaTrix implant lines, a real flagship of our products for more than 20 years.

*Fig. Extractor in the ConEx™ Connection.

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Maximize Potential with ConEx™ Connection.

The ConEx™ connection is the key to exploiting the full potential of the coupling system. With unprecedented machining precision, ConEx™ opens up new possibilities. With the ConEx™ coupling system, we have made the process even simpler and more ergonomic.

The tight fit between the implant and abutment (Fixture and Abutment) creates such a solid union that it requires the use of the extractor (Code EE/EEC) for removal. Each prosthetic abutment contains a thread at the cone level. Screwing the extractor in with the handle exerts pressure from the bottom upward on the unthreaded part of the extractor, allowing for easy removal.

Discover the ConEx™ Connection and transform your implant dentistry experience. The precision and reliability you seek is finally at your fingertips.

*Fig. Comparison of ConEx™ (left) and InthEx™ (right) connection.

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