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“Y Aesthetic”
cylindrical implant

The “Y Aesthetic” cylindrical implant presents in the cervical part microspirals that help to increase the contact total surface and the primary stability. The body is conical and surrounded by spirals that decrease in height and depth from the crest to the cervical third. The characteristic coronal shape protects the crestal bone level and guarantees the stability of peri-implant soft tissues. It is perfect for areas of high aesthetic value and of reduced residual bone.

Ø (mm) ØP (mm) L. 09 mm L. 11 mm L. 13 mm
3.8 3.3 G09Y G11Y G13Y
4.5 3.3 R09Y R11Y R13Y
5.2 4.5 A09Y A11Y A13Y

Ø (mm) = implant diameter
ØP (mm) = platform diameter


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