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“T” transgingival implant

The morphology of “T” type implant is very useful in clinical situations where the crestal width is limited compared to the volume of the element to be replaced (e.g. posterior quadrant). This is possible thanks to a platform greater than the diameter of the implant. The outer design and the depth of the spirals make the “T” type implant particularly appropriated to situations of poor bone density, in post-extraction sites and in all cases where primary stability is the fundamental element.

Ø (mm) ØP (mm) L. 07 mm L. 09 mm L. 11 mm L. 13 mm L. 15 mm
3.3 3.8 V07T V09T V11T V13T V15T
3.8 4.5 G07T G09T G11T G13T G15T
4.5 5.2 R07T R09T R11T R13T R15T
5.2 5.9 A07T A09T A11T A13T A15T

Ø (mm) = implant diameter
ØP (mm) = platform diameter


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