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“SL” large spiral implant

The “SL” large spiral implant is particularly recommended in situations of poor bone density, such as post-extractive sites and posterior quadrants. The coronal part is increased to allow a prosthetic support in compliance with the characteristics of the elements to be supported. This countersinking is not subjected to any surface treatment making the implant as transgingival. It is ideal for immediate load implant-prosthetic protocols.

Ø (mm) ØP (mm) L. 09 mm L. 11 mm L. 13 mm L. 15 mm
3.3 4.5 V09SL V11SL V13SL V15SL
3.8 5.2 V09SL V11SL V13SL V15SL

Ø (mm) = implant diameter
ØP (mm) = platform diameter


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