InthEx Connection

“F” Fast rapid progression
aesthetic implant

The external design of the body and of the “double principle spirals” of the “F” fast rapid progression aesthetic implant allows an easy insertion and an excellent primary stability even in compromised anatomic situations. The particular conicity of the core and of the spirals permits an optimal control during the positioning steps. The discharge groove is deep to collect a great quantity of medullar bone and to avoid an excessive compression on the wall of the implant site.

Ø (mm) ØP (mm) L. 11 mm L. 13 mm L. 15 mm
3.8 3.3 G11F G13F G15F
4.5 3.8 R11F R13F R15F
5.2 4.5 A11F A13F

Ø (mm) = implant diameter
ØP (mm) = platform diameter


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