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Cemented and screw-retained prosthesis on implants: when, how, why

Cemented and screw-retained prosthesis on implants: when, how, why Indications and contraindications In the last thirty years, everything has been said about the advantages and disadvantages of implant prosthetics. Often there have been techniques that have been “trend-setting” but then proved unsuitable for specific clinical situations. The aim of the course is to highlight the … Continue reading Cemented and screw-retained prosthesis on implants: when, how, why

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Guided Surgery

GUIDED SURGERY The lies they tell you and the truths they hide from you. The dental sector has always been a land of conquest for subjects who, in order to grab the sale, often tend to give incomplete information or worse, misleading, suggesting miraculous solutions. BioService has always been at the forefront, trying to give … Continue reading Guided Surgery

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Rehabilitation of FULL ARC training meeting education

Rehabilitation of FULL ARC

Rehabilitation of FULL ARC with post-extraction implantation technique and immediate loading on six implants in live surgery. More and more often the patient knows how important it is to rely on professionals who can definitively solve his problems. Restoring the function and aesthetics of implanted prosthetic care is only the final and most “visible” part … Continue reading Rehabilitation of FULL ARC

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Dental trauma from sports stress

Dental trauma from sports stress Problem, Cause and Solution The sports disciplines will be framed, bringing out the problems of the high-level athlete. Through clinical cases we will study the application of these concepts to the patient every day (orthodontic, implantoprosthetic, dysfunctional). In particular, the following topics will be addressed: Concepts and definition of dental … Continue reading Dental trauma from sports stress

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