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InthEx Connection

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All implants of Matrix InthEx line are equipped with a hexagonal internal connection that is able to guarantee a greater flexibility in 360° positioning. In surgical phase, the use of abutments for parallel assignment helps to define the exact position that the angled prosthetic abutment should have. The 3 mm depth of engagement of the internal implant-abutment gives a connection with higher stability thanks to the large area contact. The “double connection” at coronal level increases the long term resistance of the structure. The design and the special geometry of the implant increase the implant strength and the stabilisation of the coupling abutment-implant, and reduce the mechanical stress. The depth of InthEx internal connection allows positioning of the head of prosthetic screw in a more apical position compared to traditional connections. This aspect permits to manage a greater preparation angle and offers the possibility to the dental technician to make possible corrections to the body of the abutments in case of angled positioning of the implant fixture or other prosthetic needs.

  • Double connection
  • Anti-rotational hexagon: 3 mm depth, 2.3 mm width
  • Screw: 7 mm length, 2 mm diameter
  • Optimal tolerance within 10 microns

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