3D digital technologies in dentistry
corso della bona odontoiatria digitale

3D digital technologies in dentistry: from diagnosis to multidisciplinary treatment

The aim of the meeting is to make known the real potential of the “DIGITAL” tools that technology makes available.
“The REAL value of the technologies lies in the KNOWLEDGE aimed at the concrete ability to use them and their cost is inversely proportional to this knowledge. Today the 3D software on the market able to support us has ridiculous costs; the most significant investment is represented by the LEARNING CURVE, which is therefore of fundamental importance”.
The issues that will be addressed:
– A brief historical note
– The learning of radiological knowledge (DIAGNOSIS AND 3D PLANNING)
– Digitization of production processes (DIGITAL WORKFLOW)
– How to design a supported prosthetic implant rehabilitation
– Augmented reality to virtually simulate operating phases and final results
– Problems with surgical guides and how to avoid them
– Clinical cases

Mr. Enrique Candel, graduated in Industrial Mechanics and Director of Research Development of the prosthetic and surgical planning software “Limaguide”, will be present at the course and will give information on the functions of the software. It will be possible to install “Limaguide” in a free version on your personal computer.

The course will be held by Dr. Angelo Della Bona, who works as a freelancer in Brescia and Cremona (www.dentalmedical-db.it).

The seminar will take place in Foggia on March 20, 2020 from 14:30 to 18:00 at the Aula Magna of the University Dental Clinic of Foggia.