Dental trauma from sports stress
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Dental trauma from sports stress
Problem, Cause and Solution

The sports disciplines will be framed, bringing out the problems of the high-level athlete.
Through clinical cases we will study the application of these concepts to the patient every day (orthodontic, implantoprosthetic, dysfunctional).
In particular, the following topics will be addressed:
Concepts and definition of dental wear and traumatology
Personal protective equipment (I.P.D.)
Recording of the occlusal relationship according to the ATM
Concepts of anatomy, posturology and syncromiography
– Dr. Alberto Faucci – freelancer and owner of the DENTAL TRAUMA CENTER of Savona
The course will be held in Genoa on 30 May 2018 at the Palazzo Ducale (Le cisterne del Ducale).

The dentist between Past and Future
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The dentist between Past and Future
From analogue to digital…From digital to 4.0

The world of dentistry is overwhelmed by a series of epochal changes.
The transition from “analogue dentistry to digital dentistry” is an overwhelming phase of development. The general economic recovery, although very weak, is accelerating all production processes.
This meeting is intended to be an opportunity to present products, services and strategies so that the enormous opportunities that these changes are generating.
Most studies and laboratories are being “seduced” by companies who often manage to sell them outdated products. In the digital sector, such products age so quickly that many times it is difficult to find the right to amortize its costs.
The objective of the course is to provide information to make the opportunities that can be seized through these tools truly profitable.
Dr. Tommaso Bocchetti – Freelancer and contract professor at the University Federico II of Naples, specializing in Dental Surgery.
The meeting will be held in Naples on 25 May 2018 at the Millennium Hotel.