1st Congress Cenacle Dentistry Centre Italy Campania
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1st Congress Cenacle Dentistry Centre Italy Campania

On 30 September 2017 the 1st Cenacolo Odontostomatologico Congress of Central Italy will be held in Pozzuoli, Campania. We are proud to be the Main Sponsor of the event.
All branches of modern dentistry focus their efforts on both research and clinical research, in an attempt to safeguard residual oral tissues using increasingly minimally invasive surgical techniques. Even if the first important reviews of the literature evaluating MID were published at the end of the 90’s, it can be said, without fear of denial, that since then an evolutionary process of these techniques has been triggered and has not yet stopped.
More than 250 professionals from the sector will meet for a day of dialogue on these issues.
– Dr. Mariano Malvano
“Resolution of complex endodontics cases: case series”
– Dr. Stefano Longhi
“The importance of maintaining conservative dental tissue”
– Dr. Salvatore Cefariello
“Functional recovery of the teeth included”
-Dr. Rosanna Cirillo
“Professional responsibility in the light of new regulations”
– Dr. Paolo Brunamonti Pinello
“Implant and pre-exposure solution for the preservation of the periodontium”
– Prof. Sandro Rengo
“Rotating vs. reciprocating instruments.”
– Prof. Francesco Riva
“Surgery and cougulopathies”
– Dr. Mariano Malvano – event manager
Delivery of learning questionnaires, correction, delivery of certificates.
The congress will take place in Pozzuoli on 30 September 2017 at the American Hotel.

Is the dentist a doctor or a “seller of teeth”?
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Is the dentist a doctor or a “seller of teeth”?

The title of the day is intended to be deliberately provocative.
Today, the dentist is seen by the patient less and less as a doctor and more and more as a “seller of teeth”. The hammering “communication” through all the major information channels that advertise the various “take three and pay two…” contributes significantly to all this, by failing to explain to the general public what is, or should be, the main characteristic of the dentist.
The dentist is first of all a Doctor and as such, he is the figure who first of all must make a diagnosis. Only through a diagnosis
The correct treatment is then possible to achieve a correct and consequent therapy.
– Dr. Riccardo Bosco – freelance – Resp. Scient. Biomatch-Oral
“Pre-cancerous lesions: differential diagnosis”
– Dr. Roberto Prisco – freelance – Speaker and lecturer in Implantology
“Implant Bio Prosthetics”
– Dr.ssa Valeria De Padua – freelance
“Treatment and management of patients with congenital and acquired coagulopathies”
The course will be held in Naples on March 11, 2017 at the “Millennium Gold Hotel”.

From diagnosis to treatment of oral cavity lesions in dental practice
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From diagnosis to treatment of oral cavity lesions in dental practice

In daily practice, dentistry increasingly finds itself having to deal with clinical situations that require specific knowledge to enable targeted, rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment in order to achieve predictable results.10
The Complex Operative Unit of Dental Surgery of the Umberto I George Eastman Polyclinic, directed by Dr. Francesco Riva, assisted by his collaborators Dr. Domenico Gaglioti and Dr. Riccardo Bosco, is certainly a point of reference, not only for Lazio, in the diagnosis and treatment of particularly complex diseases.
The aim of the course is to provide participants with a clear and exhaustive picture, through the presentation of the clinical cases treated, which allows a rapid and precise diagnosis, positively finalizing the therapies through clear and coded operational protocols.
– Dr. Francesco Riva – Director Un. Op. Compl. Surgery Dentistry Policlinico Umberto I
“Diagnosis and therapy of mucous and bony lesions of the oral cavity”
– Dr. Domenico Gaglioti – resp. Un. Op. Semplice di Chirurgia delle lesioni del cavo orale – Policl. Umberto I
“Maxillary osteonecrosis: the role of bisphosphonates and new drugs. Pharmacological and surgical protocols in the patient undergoing treatment and with osteonecrosis”.
– Dr. Riccardo Bosco – freelancer – Biomatch-Oral Scientific Manager
“Surgical protocols in patients with congenital and acquired coagulopathies.”
– Dr.ssa Valeria De Padua – freelance
“The hemophiliac patient in dental practice”
The course will be held in Formello – Rome on 28 January 2017 at Studio Bosco (Formello – Rome).